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Compare Carceron Managed IT Services to Other IT Service Delivery Models

Frequently Asked Questions

 Managed Services vs.  Your "IT Guy"
(No Support Contract; very risky)
  • Faster response times because of breadth of staff
  • Faster resolutions times because of depth of experience
  • Employs additional resources and tools such as remote access software, helpdesk systems to track issues, reporting systems, asset inventory, etc.


  • Slower response times, especially as the "IT Guy" gets more clients
  • Slower resolution times
  • Lacks infrastructure for tracking support issues, automating maintenance, inventory control and proactive system monitoring
  • Network is not managed, support is reactive, IT Guy is called only when needed
  • Variable invoices due to hourly billing
Managed Services vs.  Hourly or Block Hour Contracts
(the old school way)
  • Flat fees allow you to stay within budget without having to count hours
  • Flat fees allow any end user to request support without having to go through a gate keeper
  • Agreement includes pro-active maintenance, security applications, anti-virus software and anti-spam services
  • Support is proactive at a flat fee. Carceron assumes the risk financially for network and system downtime. If it takes us 5 or 500 hours to fix, you don't pay a penny more than your standard monthly rate.
  • All support requests are funneled through a single point of contact who is worried about counting hours
  • Billing surprises whenever you go over your hourly quota
  • Losing hours that were paid for but unused
  • Support is still generally reactive.
  • Major incidents can eat away hours very quickly
 Managed Services vs.  In House Technician
  • Broader range of technology skills sets and experience
  • Costs 1/3 to 1/2 of the salary of a full time network administrator
  • Mistakes are covered by our insurance
  • Can scale as you grow
  • Can get sick and takes vacations
  • May require overtime compensation
  • Will leave your company for a better paying job or when they simply become bored
  • Limited range of technology skill sets and experience
  • Requires benefits and office equipment
  • Salary costs 100-200% higher than outsourcing to a managed services firm
  • If the technician messes up, your insurance pays for it and your premiums also go up.
  • Requires regular training and development to stay up on new technology