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Web Filtering & Firewall | Enterprise-level Network Security


Web Content Filtering - Standard

This service will protect your network and staff from undesirable web content and optimize resources by reducing bandwidth congestion. It can also increase productivity by reporting on the on-line activities of your staff. Block pornographic, sports and other unproductive web sites and watch productivity soar!


Web Content Filtering + Malware

Enjoy all of the benefits of the standard Web Content Filtering service, plus additional network security with our “+Malware” service. Benefits include:

  • Extend web security to all roaming employees wherever they are working – at home, in a hotel room, café or client premises.
  • Apply acceptable web use policies to all off-network (roaming) employees.
  • Enhance privacy by automatically encrypting all web traffic when the user connects to a public network.
  • Eliminate the need to backhaul traffic over the corporate VPN.
Web Content, Malware Filtering and Network Security Dashboard