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Data Backup & Disaster Recovery | Data Protection that’s archived, redundant, and ready to restore!


Servers are the hearts of your IT infrastructure. If you’re like most businesses in today’s fast-paced business climate, down time is simply no longer an option. You want to know that your server’s backups are protecting your business from something as simple as failing hard drives to something as tragic as natural disasters or theft.

Enter Carceron's Server BUDR service, a data backup and server disaster recovery solution.

Intelligent Business Continuity

Simply put, being able to restore and recover important business data after a disaster is no longer enough. Intelligent Business Continuity is Carceron’s answer to not only ensuring that your data is restored to its former state, but restored quickly, with little to no downtime or interruption to your business.

Carceron’s Intelligent Business Continuity solutions enable you to deliver Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) that meet or exceed the acceptable Recovery Point Objective (RPO) levels of your business continuity plan. Carceron’s hybrid backup solutions use local devices combined with offsite cloud storage to offer a level of redundancy that gives you peace of mind and gets you up and running virtually, in just seconds. And there’s a solution for every size business from small office to large enterprise.

Instant virtualization, screenshot backup verification, and file level recovery make it easy to recover everything from a single message or document to entire document folders, mailboxes or servers. Incremental backups occur on the local device as frequently as every five minutes and are continuously sent to the cloud to ensure your backup remains up-to-date.

Instant Virtualization

When disaster strikes, every second counts. Taking days to recover information and get computer systems up and running translates into money lost and possibly, the end of your business. With Carceron, your company can be up and running in just seconds. With the click of a button, your Carceron BUDR device recreates your computers and servers so your business can resume as if nothing had ever happened.

Carceron BUDR service also provides instant off-site virtualization, so in the event that the local backup appliance is destroyed, you can still access your information, even from a remote location. And once you're ready to rebuild, Carceron provides the support you need to get you back on your feet.

Virtualization Highlights
  • Virtualize multiple machines on a single Carceron BUDR appliance
  • Instant off-site virtualization
  • Public IP's and VPN access available for off-site virtualization
  • Continuous backup even while machines are virtualized
  • Seamless transition back to physical machine after virtualization


Other Key Features

Data Security

During both transmit and storage, data is fully encrypted using AES 256 and SSL key-based encryption. This powerful encryption ensures data cannot be accessed. In addition to all information being stored in an encrypted state, data stored in Carceron's off-site data centers is fully protected at all times.

Data Integrity

Carceron's de-duplication and compression technologies ensure the most efficient means of storing data and the most optimal way to backup data to the cloud. Cutting edge data compression technology reduces the bandwidth required to transfer files off site as well as saving space on the local device.

Custom Data Retention Settings

A flexible retention policy allows you to choose what files you want to delete to make space at any point in time. Since data recovery does not rely on a backup chain, recovery points can be removed at anytime with no affect on the remaining device data.

Quick Data Restoration

When a your local data is lost or destroyed, Carceron can recover all data off-site and quickly deliver it to you securely via FTP + SSL. If a Bare Metal restore is required, Carceron Support can handle that for you as well.

Broad Operating System Support

Carceron's BUDR service support the widest array of operating systems of any Backup Disaster Recovery Product on the market. Pretty much any version of Windows and Apple can be backed up.

Industry Compatibility

Carceron can export to any industry-standard VM formats, including VMDK (VMware) and VHD (Hyper V).