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Carceron Email Archival

Email Archival

Email archiving is a fact of life for most public and private companies in this day and age. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in or the size of your organization—if you aren’t archiving your emails, you run the risk of facing legal sanctions or huge e-discovery costs if you’re ever involved in litigation within the U.S. federal court system.

A comprehensive email archiving solution not only helps companies meet corporate and legal governance mandates and regulatory requirements, it can also help organizations achieve a number of other goals, such as:

  • Simplify mailbox management, shrink storage costs and reduce backup windows
  • Protect critical business information and intellectual property
  • Accelerate legal discovery and enforce corporate email policies

Keep compliance simple with Carceron’s hosted archiving service

  • Automatically capture 100% of inbound and outbound emails
  • Monitor and review email and attachments for policy compliance
    • Full text indexing
    • Advanced e-discovery capabilities
  • Perform search requests for audits, litigation, or internal queries quickly, accurately, and completely
  • Get unlimited Storage and scale at one fixed price.


  • Implement tight server controls
  • Allow end users to recover old messages
  • Eliminate the need for PST files


  • Adhere to FRCP amendments
  • Maintain a searchable repository of valuable business data
  • Monitor messages for inappropriate usage


  • Respond to legal discovery requests
  • Enable your HR department to enforce company policies
  • Preserve emails related to lawsuits, legal holds and attorney-client privilege

Email Archival Web Interface