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Server Virtualization Projects

Server virtualization has rapidly moved from an experimental technology to a standard in most enterprise computing infrastructures. 80% of corporations have virtualized some of their data centers. The reason for the rapid adoption is pretty straightforward:

  • A properly implemented and managed, server virtualization can reduce capital expenditures and improve operational efficiency.

server virtualization


Can your IT organization achieve these results? 

We believe you can. Most traditional server configurations run at 10-30 percent of capacity in order to accommodate occasional spikes in usage demand. Virtualization can allow you to pool server resources and increase utilization rates to as high as 70-90 percent of capacity. Server virtualization can therefore lay the foundation for major infrastructure consolidation initiatives.

Virtualized servers can make it possible to manage server content and applications in a much more dynamic and responsive manner. Policy-based provisioning and deployment create a self-service model without loss of control. In fact, while the environment evolves into a more open and interoperable infrastructure that leverages existing investments. Other advantags of virtualizing servers include:

  • Reduce the total physical server count, which:
    • Reduces power consumption
    • Reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    • Alows you to add more servers than you might have physical space for
  • Drastically improve business continuity
  • Beter Stoage Management
  • Scale and security

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Our Server Virtualization services deliver technology and process transformation and improvements in IT infrastructure maturity to support your business goals. Our project success rates can be attributed to several key factors:

  • Our consultants are there for each step of a virtualization initiative‚Äôs operational lifecycle
  • We maintain certifications in multiple technologies and architectures and our partnerships with the major technology suppliers allows us to offer multi-vendor support offerings
  • We provide you with expert guidance on the proven best practices for virtualizing and managing your server environment so that you can enhance business processes and applications performance across the enterprise

Learn how you can maximize the business value of your server infrastructure.