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Network & Security Audits for Atlanta Businesses

Let's face it. Sometimes the network can get a little out of control. You need to know what you have... and what you don't. And, more importantly, if you're vulnarable. Before you know where you are going, you need to know where you are starting. This is where Carceron's network and security audits can help.


Our network & security audits can enlighten you with the following informaton:


  • Overall Risk Assessment Based on Network Configuration
  • Detailed IT Asset Inventory Broken Down By
    • Operating System (Supported, On Extended Support & Unsupported)
    • Hardware Specs and Upgrade Options
    • Installed Applications
  • Network Diagrams
  • Network Change Analysis
  • Internal & External Threat Analysis
  • Security Policy Assessment
  • Share Permissions Reports

We can also audit issues outside the realm of IT, such as HR policies that affect IT (acceptable use, social media use, etc.) as well as physical security concerns that might affect IT operations (e.g. access control to the server room, enviroment management of the server room, etc.). We'll also look over your disaster recovery plan if you have one.


Here are some sample network audit reports that we can generate for your business:

(click on an image below to open a sample PDF report)

Client Risk Report NAClientRisk
Full Network Assessment NAFullDetail
Network Diagram NASiteDiagram
Asset Detail Report NAAssetDetail
External Vulnerabilities Report SAVulnerabilityScan
Internal Vulnerabilities Report SAVulnerabilityScan
Security Policy Assessment SASecurityRisk
Share Permissions SASharePermission
User Permissions Report SASharePermissionbyUser