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VoIP | Voice over IP Business Phone Service

Do you need better information to help drive important business decisions?polycom-vvx500-white-box-design-2

Do you spend more time piecing together data than analyzing it? Do you need a better reporting tool?

Carceron's Hosted VoIP Service is a cloud-based voice service that enables companies to enjoy all of the benefits of an enterprise-class phone system without the expense of buying and managing an on-premise solution. Our Hosted VoIP service can help your business:

Provide great service

Knowing when you get or make the most calls is important for providing your customers with the best possible service.  This information allows you to staff to call volumes, reduce wait times, and lower your number of abandoned calls.

Can your current phone system answer these questions?

  • What time of day do you get the most calls?
  • What time of year do you receive the most calls?
  • Are your clients getting the best customer service?
  • Are you missing sales because no one is available to answer the phone?

Increase Sales

Carceron's Hosted VoIP Phone System allows Sales Managers to capture and analyze call metrics. Online tools make it easy to create reports and dashboards that provide insight, identify issues, and increase sales efficiency and productivity.

With our phone system you can track activities while there’s time to act, rather than reporting on the results when it’s too late.

Visibility ensures you are making the right decisions

  • If you know when you get the most calls, you can ensure you staff appropriately so reps are available to answer each call
  • Knowing inbound and outbound call volumes and linking them to sales goals improves forecasting
  • Geographic calling data helps Sales Managers assign leads to the appropriate reps


Unified Communications & Collaboration via Application Integration

Carceron allows businesses to integrate the phone system with their CRM tools, Outlook, Web browsers, and other important business apps for a true Unified Communications and Collaboration feel. 

Carceron's VoIP solution can integrate with Customer Relationship Management tools and other applications that companies use to run their businesses. For instance, connect phone calls with sales activity to Salesforce.com. Or, connect with your own home-grown custom application. Have voicemails and faxes sent to your inbox. etc. 


List of VoIP Features:

  • Applications and Reporting
  • Customizable call routing tools
  • Hosted CRM integration
  • Simple online administrator tools
  • Online end user tools
  • Remote disaster recovery capabilities
  • Consolidated management of multiple locations
  • Plug and play remote worker capabilities
  • Built in redundancy and back up
  • Voicemail to email transcription
  • Real time business intelligence reports
  • Personal Find Me Follow Me controls
  • Scalable Call Center applications

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