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Hosted Email: Exchange or Google Apps

When it comes to moving hosting your email in the cloud, for most businesses, it generally comes down two simple choices: Hosted Exchange or Google Apps. Both services have their pros and cons depending on what your strategic objectives are. Regardless of who you choose, moving your email to the cloud is no small feat and can be a little scary. These days, email is as important, it not more important, than the telephone. Never fear! Carcceron has a lot of experience moving clients to hosted email platforms and we can help you not only choose the platform that's right for you, but also handle the implementation in a way that minimizes email downtime.

But first, we need to pic your platform. For most businesses we recommend Office 365 from Microsoft as the preferred hosted Exchange platform, so we will be comparing that service directly to Google Apps below.


Office-365-New   google-apps
  • Wide variety of plans and price ranges
  • Mailbox Size: 25gb
  • Compliance Options Available: Yes (Email Archival Native for Higher Plans; Email Encryption via 3rd Party add-on)
  • Better for older, less tech savvy emplpoyees
  • Office Suite
    • Word: On Par with Google Apps
    • PowerPoint: O365 is better
    • Excel: O365 is way better
    • InfoPath: O365 wins for being more advanced. Loses for not being as user friendly as GApps
  • Offline Editing: Yes (requires higher up plan with Office apps provisioning)
  • Mobile Sync: Yes (better on Windows phones)
  • One size fits all, Web-Only Model
  • Mailbox Size: 25gb
  • Compliance Options Available: Yes (Email Archival & Email Encryption via 3rd Party Add-ons)
  • Better for younger, more tech savvy employees
  • Offline Editing of Documents: Yes
  • Office Suite
    • Document: On Par with O365
    • Presentation: O365 is better
    • Spreadsheet: O365 is way better
    • Forms: GApps wins for ease of use. O365 Infopath has more advanced functions
  • Offline Editing: Yes (Chrome Browser Only)
  • Mobile Sync: Yes (better with Android Phones)

Which one should you choose?

Carceron uses Google Apps - because, for the money - it provides just the right amount of technology. Many people don't use anywhere close to all of the features of an Office suite. However, they have become so accustomed to using Microsoft Office, that a transition to Google Apps can be quit a shock to the system. We understand that. We work with all kinds of companies, cultures and devices.

Can you get Google Apps anc continue to use Microsoft Outlook? Sure. But we strongly advise against it. If you're going to choose Google Apps, we strongly recommend that you access your services via Google's Chrome browser, for which Google Apps is optimized.