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Securely access any of your company files with the touch of a button from any any device when your files are in the cloud

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Cloud File Server is the only online file storage service that addresses three of your critical business needs - online file storage, file sharing and computer backup - in one secure, easy-to-use solution. Carceron eliminates the need to purchase and maintain servers, virtual private networks (VPN) and point-products such as FTP.

The Cloud File Server’s extensive file sharing and collaboration capabilities allow users to securely share files with co-workers, customers and business partners. Users can access files from anywhere using any PC, Mac, and smartphone, such as the iPhone or Blackberry. Flexible file upload and download options simplify the transfer of large files. This service replaces complex and expensive FTP servers and, unlike FTP, can provide secure and private file exchange without setting up unique FTP access for each party. Sending a file of any size is as simple as emailing or posting a link.

Online file storage and sharing with secure, permission-based folders

The Carceron Cloud File Server is an easy-to-use solution for securely storing your business files online, enabling effortless collaboration between you and your clients, regardless of location. Establish permission-based folders customized to your business needs and store files of any type or size for secure access from anywhere. Use your browser to retrieve files, or map the Cloud File Server as a network drive for convenient file drag, drop and edit capabilities (Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible).

File sharing, version management and access controls

Cloud File Server provides numerous capabilities to promote file sharing between your employees and your trusted business partners. File sharing can be as simple as sending out link to a file or designating a public folder; alternately, you can control file access by requiring users to login with a password and setting read, write and delete privileges on individual folders. File versioning is automatic on the Cloud File Server, and when changes are made to either a file or folder, you can be automatically notified via email.

File access from desktop, web and mobile devices

Designed for "on-the-go" collaboration with co-workers and clients, Cloud File Server provides secure anytime, anywhere access to your critical business files from the Web, smartphone (no special apps or downloads required) or via a mapped drive on your desktop.

Comprehensive file search

The Carceron Cloud File Server automatically indexes stored files, ensuring that you're able to quickly and easily find any of your files based on keywords, file names or user-added file tags. Powerful built-in search capabilities ensure that you can quickly sort through terabytes of data,  and speeds up your search by simultaneously matching files to your query as you type.

Security and privacy

Carceron Cloud File Server employs world-class data protection technology and tiered security management policies to ensure the integrity and complete privacy of all your critical business files. From centralized administration to encrypted access and 3-way data mirroring, you can rest assured that your data is secure with Carceron. All data is SAS 70 Type 2, HIPAA and Safe Harbor compliant and our security infrastructure is world-class.

Central Administration, User Management, Reporting and Audit

The entire Carceron Cloud File Server solution is managed by a powerful central administration function. Administrators manage users and set folder permissions according to their business needs. Notification is automatically sent to the administrator via email when a change is made to either a file or folder. We can also provides a host of reports and audit information, such as file access history, that allows you to maintain a full view of your company files and user access.