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Telephone, VoIP and Internet Access Services for Businesses in Metro Atlanta, Georgia and the United States

Telephone communications and access to the internet are no longer optional for any business to be able to effectively run. Phone systems must always be up and the Internet must always be accessible and it must be fast.

Since all business phone systems has transitioned to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), this puts management and support of the telephone in the hands of the IT department. Now, phones are just another device on the network, consequently, telephone specialists are no longer required. With Carceron, you get an IT partner who takes a holistic view of network management which includes management and support of your VoIP phone system as well as management of your company’s Internet access.


Benefits of Using Carceron’s Telecom & Broadband Services Internet Access Services

  • Telecom and Internet Expense Audits: Carceron can analyze your current invoices for waste and make recommendations that can reduce cost and/or increase the value of what you are currently paying for (e.g. more bandwidth for the same cost).

  • Cloud Readiness Audit: Many business owners are interested in cloud alternatives to IT infrastructure without understanding the ramifications of how their current broadband connection will affect productivity. We can make your cloud initiatives more successful by taking a holistic view of the design and implementation of these services as well as the underlying factors such as bandwidth requirements.

  • Dozens of Partners: Carceron s partners with dozens of telephone and Internet carriers which means we can shop around for you to get the best price. The other side benefit to this is that you can call us for support instead of the telecom company, many of which have a poor record of customer service. Let us handle that frustrating part for you.

  • Access to the Internet Anywhere: For clients with offices in remote locations that still need high bandwidth solutions, we can help you out too. We have several alternative bandwidth solutions available that we can price you for you, such as point-to-point wireless and 4G LTE connections designed for business.

  • Unified Communication & Collaboration Approach: When we sell you a phone system/service, we don’t just set phones up on desks and let you have at it. We discuss what your business needs are and a design a system that will make your business more efficient and effective. We look at things like integration into your CRM or email applications, consolidating messaging infrastructure so that you have 1 inbox for everything - email, text messages, faxes, etc., remote workforce communication (e.g. video conferencing), and more.
  • Data Cabling & Wireless Consulting & Implementation: The foundation of all network and internet communication is your cabling and wireless infrastructure. Carceron can advise you on what cabling and wireless technologies that you need for you business based on a variety of factors such as what your cloud vs on-prem infrastructure needs are, security and compliance requirements, speed requirements, etc.  


Below are just a few of the carriers that Carceron represents:

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SimpleSignal      vocalocity   EvoleIP-Logo