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Telephone & Internet Service Auditing & Consulting

Making sure that you get the most service for the least amount of cost.

Phonew and Internet Service Auditing

Direct representatives of carriers can only sell products from their company, usually do not have access to the lowest prices, and provide biased information. (They will all tell you their carrier is the best for you.)

Like a health or life insurance broker, Carceron will shop multiple carriers for you and give recommendations based on experience not quotas. In addition, we are able to sell products from different divisions of carriers including wholesale. Our extensive portfolio includes the full range of telecom products from analog lines to T1, Metro-Ethernet, Fiber, GigE, Cable, DSL and VoIP connections, as well as call center solutions and hosted VoIP phone systems.

During an audit, Carceron reviews your telecom and ISP invoices for: fees and surcharges, contract limits, scale projection (is your current setup prepared to scale with your growth and increased demand?), errors, potential refunds or credits, service reconsiliation (are you getting what you are paying for?), and, adherence to any existing disaster recovery plans.

It most cases our audit findings result in substantial cost savings and/or increased value for existing cost. For example: We may not be able to save you money, but we might be able to get you more bandwidth for what you are currently paying.


Preparing for the Cloud

Evaluate The Bandwidth Cost of Moving to The Cloud

As businesses increasingly adopt cloud strategies to serve their IT infrastructure needs, few take into account the increased bandwidth needs that come with the implementation of cloud solutions. Carceron can provide you with advice on just how much bandwidth you'll need for whatever cloud solutions you are considering.

Carceron provides a wide array of cloud solutions as well. Click here to learn more.



Preparing for Voice Over IP Phone Systems

Preparing for VoIP Phone Services - Evaluating Cost

If your business is considering implementing a VoIP phone system, bandwidth and your current on-premise infrastructure are a concern. Carceron can make sure that you network equipment can handle a VoIP phone system (especially important for multi-location companies).

If you're in the market for a business VoIP system, Carceron can help you with that as well. Click here to learn more.