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Speakeasy: Exclusive Cigar Club for Atlanta Business-to-Business Executives

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From the Desk of Chad Massaker

I got sick of all of the “speed dating” business mixers where conversations are 5 minutes long followed by an exchange of business cards. I like to take my time getting to know people. Cigars have an uncanny way of making people slow down, think, and have real conversations.

  It only takes a few sips of scotch and a couple of puffs of your first cigar to lose all semblance of your boring elevator pitch. Then we get to the real you. That’s what I’m after.


Chad Massaker Signature

CEO of Carceron
Founder & Head Aficionado of Speakeasy
2013 IBJJF Pan Gold Medal Winner


Speakeasy is a members-only club for Business-to-Business Owners & Executives.  We meet monthly at the most exclusive venues to enjoy each other’s company. We don't do nametags and the passing of business cards is frowned upon.

As a perk of being a Carceron client, the principals of Carceron clients are always invited to attend Speakeasy functions at no charge. All all event fees, food and drinks are complimentary for these special guests.

Apply for Membership here:  www.SpeakeasyAtlanta.biz